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Welcome to the Navigate Companion Website: Phlebotomy: Principles and Practice by Jahangir Moini. This website features interactive and informative learning resources that gauge understanding and help students study more effectively. Created as a practical learning tool for students, it gives students an opportunity to try out new concepts in a safe learning environment.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles provide a fun and interactive overview from each chapter. Fill in the puzzles based on the key terms and material in each chapter.


Use Flashcards to guide you through learning each chapter’s important key terms. They provide a definition and ask you for the key term.


The Glossary allows instant access to the definitions of key terms from the book. You can use the Glossary to search by keyword, alphabetically, or by chapter.

Matching Questions/Exercises

Matching Questions/Exercises allow you to practice what you have learned in a stress-free environment. Use them to test your knowledge of concepts covered in each chapter.

Web Links

Web Links give you access to additional information on topics covered in the text. Explore information outside of the text with these useful links.

Practice Quizzes

Test your knowledge of important chapter concepts with multiple-choice or true/false Practice Quizzes. Once you’re done, your instructor can receive your results via email.

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Phlebotomy: Principles and Practice