Chapter Quizzes

Chapter 6: Compliance, Motivation, and Health Behaviors of the Learner

1: How are the terms compliance, adherence, and motivation defined?
2: How do the terms defined in question 1 relate to one another?
3: What are the three major motivational factors?
4: Which axioms (premises) are involved in promoting motivation of the learner?
5: What are the six parameters for a comprehensive motivational assessment of the learner?
6: What are six major models or theories used to describe, explain, or predict health behaviors?
7: Which models/theories are used to facilitate motivation, and which ones are used to promote compliance to a therapeutic healthcare regimen?
8: What are the basic concepts particular to each model or theory?
9: What are the similarities and differences among the models with respect to who is the target audience, what is the focus of the learning, and what are the implications for education?
10: What is the role of the health professional in shaping health behaviors of the learner?
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